ONLINE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSES - what to pay attention to?

There are many courses and websites available on the Internet for learning English without leaving your home. However, before choosing the right website, I would like you to know, dear reader - What elements should not be missing and what should be included in an effective online English language course, so that learning with it would be effective, interesting and motivating for you.

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 Learning English words - a large and extensive vocabulary base (pictures and sentences).

An effective online English course must have a sufficiently large vocabulary with most of the necessary phrases and expressions found in the English language. It will be best if the words are divided into individual difficulty levels (depending on the level of the student's advancement) and appropriate thematic categories. Such words should of course have a translation into Polish. It is good if the course is accompanied by photos and graphics showing the words learned and example sentences with their use. It affects not only better association, but also more effective memorization of learned words and entire ready phrases.

Learning correct English pronunciation - in the form of MP3 audio recordings.

Every online English course should be able to hear the correct pronunciation of the English words and phrases you are learning. Pronunciation should be recorded by an English teacher or native speaker (as audio or mp3 files).
ETutor online language school teacher
In my opinion, this is a necessary element, because what if we will know the meaning of a given word well if we are not able to pronounce it correctly or we simply pronounce it incorrectly, which will result in the recipient's lack of understanding during the conversation.
For people who are used to traditional textbooks and books, the phonetic notation, i.e. transcription.

Effective revision system.

The obvious fact is that in order to permanently remember learned words or phrases, it is necessary to repeat them frequently at appropriate intervals. Therefore, a good online English course should be equipped with an appropriate repetition algorithm, which will optimally plan the cycle of revision of learned words for the student, so that learning and remembering them is as effective as possible. When creating memory algorithms, research on the work of the human brain is often included in order to optimize them. Based on the analysis of the results so far, this algorithm determines the number and frequency of repetitions by itself. Such a personal approach to the learner makes the learning outcomes really fascinating.