Bringing Your Idea to Life

Sometimes when we are doing something boring, like taking a shower, we have a great idea. For example, a dishwasher that also fertilizes plants, or a mattress that becomes a safe place during an earthquake. Other ideas are dumbbells that you can adjust the weight on, or candles that melt themselves so you just need to add a new wick. And what about edible paper plates and cups? Or edible cupcake wrappers and popcorn bags?

We all love to think up new inventions, especially when we feel like we should be more eco-friendly or when there are leftover cupcake bits that seem too good to waste. But not everyone knows how to make these ideas into reality.

Invent Help Benefits of Coming Up with Your Own Creation
It can be fun to come up with new ideas. Some of these ideas might even be useful to other people. For example, a lot of people would love edible cupcake wrappers. Or you could invent an organic compost maker that creates fertilizers in a matter of minutes. When you come up with an invention that meets a need that many people have, it can make you feel proud.

The problem is that most people do not have what they need to put these ideas into action. This is not surprising because anyone can have a good idea, even if they have a job that is not related to inventing things. These occupations are not really the best occupations that would prepare one for skills and experiences needed to invent machines and gadgets that are designed to meet specific human demands.

In the past, famous inventors like Ben Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell had their own laboratories and workshops where they could test their ideas. Today, not as many people have the time or money to come up with ideas and build a lab to make these ideas into reality.

This is where Invent Help comes in
Invent Help is a company that helps people turn their ideas into products. The company started in 1984. They help with making the product, finding investors, and presenting the product at trade-shows. They also help with getting patents for the product.
Invent Help can help you show your invention to people who might want to invest in it or make it. They can create a 3D model of your invention or provide a physical model. You can be sure that Invent Help will keep your invention a secret.

This means that your ideas are protected until you are ready to file a patent. Invent Help has many locations across the country, so finding someone who can help you with your idea is easy.

There are lots of great ideas that could help people if they were turned into gadgets, machines, or processes. But usually, only big companies can do this. Invent Help is different. They help people turn their simple ideas into reality. You can learn more about them and how to turn your idea into a real thing by visiting their website at

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