How Much Do Mushrooms Grow?

Beginning mushroom pickers wonder how long the mushrooms grow and whether it is worth waiting the moment when the found specimen is not yet fully grown. However, the old mushroom rule says that a mushroom that has been gifted with human eyesight will no longer grow a millimeter. Is there any truth to this superstition?

Many people wonder how long mushrooms grow - is it worth combing the same areas every few days during a few days' trip to Bory Tucholskie or another "fungus-loving" place?

How long does the mushroom grow?
Of course, how long a mushroom grows depends on many factors. The saying "to grow like mushrooms after rain" has a lot of truth to it. The base of the strand, thanks to which the fruiting body - the part we colloquially call the mushroom - can more easily break through the ground and get to the surface from under the mycelium.

Butterflies and goats grow quickly, i.e. soft mushrooms. Boletes and boletes are much slower. We have to wait from one to ten days for a representative of these species. The boletus grows for about 6 days.

Why don't the mushrooms keep growing?
Unfortunately, there is still no standardized information on what determines the size of the fungus - it often happens that a given fungus "stops" in development and starts to rot, for example, instead of growing further. The old adage says that a mushroom that is found (and seen!) By a mushroom picker stops growing. There are those who refute this myth, but still many lovers of autumn walks in the woods consider this thesis to be true.

Persistent mushroom researchers emphasize that, for example, porcini mushrooms have a rather slow "system" of growth and, for example, after the appearance of a fruiting body, the mushroom temporarily stops growing, and around the 5th day after the appearance of the fruiting body, it "shoots" and grows even twice a day .

Should I collect tiny mushrooms?
Sometimes mushrooms grow in colonies and many mushroom pickers wonder whether to collect only good specimens and leave the small ones to grow, or cut “as it goes”.

Experts recommend leaving small mushrooms in the undergrowth and - what is particularly important - they urge you not to dig the cover up to prevent damage to the mycelium.

How to pick mushrooms?
In order to return from mushroom picking with a shield, or in fact - a basket full of mushrooms, it is worth remembering that you do not have to have "your own" checked places, but rather skillfully observe the forest.

Mushrooms like specific tree species with which they grow in symbiosis.
goats grow next to birches, pines, poplars, hornbeams and hazelnuts,
"likes" boletus with spruce, limba and scarlet oak,
boletus forms mycorrhiza mainly with spruce, pine and oak,
butterflies grow under pine trees.

When the sun is shining, mushrooms must be looked for in shady, secluded places.

It is worth remembering never to take home mushrooms that raise doubts about their species. It is better to leave such a specimen in the forest than to eat it and get poisoned or suffer even more severe consequences.

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