What to consider when choosing an ionizer?

If, when choosing a water ionizer, you only consider its price - you do not need to read any further. Buy the cheapest ionizer you can find. On some websites you will also find tips on how you can construct such an invention yourself. However, it is similar to a situation in which someone comes to a car showroom, and having looked at the cars, he finds that he could actually build such a car himself. However, if you value your health and want a guarantee of the proper operation of the water ionizer, make sure that your equipment is really decent.

The water ionizer is a device that will have a huge impact on the health of the whole family, provide them with a powerful increase in energy and well-being. Thanks to ionized water, you will be able to cure most diseases related to the development of civilization, incl. diabetes and cancer. If you allow yourself to try to drink ionized water for several weeks, you will definitely not give it up. You will immediately notice a lot of changes for the better functioning of your body! Our guess is that when you suffer from some serious illness, you don't decide to see a first doctor, but go straight to a specialist.

So how do you choose wisely?
Each device designed for water ionization should have specific parameters, which will allow it to produce water with different levels of pH and ORP. If your priority is to take water with an increased pH for internal therapy, and at the same time you do not have any skin problems, an ionizer operating in the range from 5 to 9.5 pH is enough for you. These are the cheapest models of ionizers. On the other hand, devices producing water in the range of 2 to 12 pH provide the widest range of applications.

When making the decision to choose a water ionizer, you should pay attention to the ionizing plates. Some manufacturers make this element of steel, which significantly reduces the service life of the device. Steel plates covered with a silver layer last a little longer, but you cannot count on a very long operation of such an ionizer. A great choice is to buy an ionizer equipped with titanium electrodes, because they are extremely durable. However, the guarantee of the longest use of the water ionizer is definitely the purchase of a device with titanium plates covered with a layer of patina. This type of ionizer will condition our water for at least 20 years! If you want to enjoy the efficient operation of the water ionizer in your home for a long time, ask the seller about the type of electrode used and the period of the guarantee.

Other models produce water in the pH range of 2.5 - 12.0 - so they offer the widest range of applications.
We often come across the question of whether it is worth taking the water flow into account. It might seem that the greater the water flow, the better. Meanwhile, it turns out that ionizers produce the best quality water with a flow of up to 2 liters per minute. Therefore, what is most important when choosing an ionizer is the water quality criterion, i.e. the lowest ORP while maintaining the highest possible pH (9.5 - 10). The aforementioned electrodes influence the water quality, but the number of electrodes is not important, but the surface area. The larger the surface of the ionizer plate, the faster we will obtain water with the preferred properties. In order to be able to check the quality of ionized water in practice, it is worth getting an ORP and pH quality meter or ask the seller, service technician or fitter of the device to make the correct measurement.

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