How to promote local business in social media?

Today, a topic that will interest all those who run their own stationary businesses in small and large cities. In this article you will learn how to transfer your business to the Internet and how to promote it on social media among the local community.

What to do if I haven't used social media yet?
Running a stationary business, maybe you did not feel the need to create its image in social media. There was no shortage of customers and the results were satisfying enough for you. Unfortunately, the current situation in Poland and around the world is not conducive to the functioning of stationary businesses. Moreover, before the outbreak of the pandemic, stationary companies, which also promoted themselves on the Internet, were usually ahead of their competitors. So it's time to change your approach and stop lagging behind.

Step one - Setting up a social media profile.
If you still do not have a company profile on Facebook or Instagram, do not hesitate! You have nothing to lose and you can gain a lot. Most businesses are perfect for promoting on Facebook. An additional medium in the form of Instagram works best in the clothing, footwear, interior design industries, and in the sale of home products.

Once you create your profile on Facebook and Instagram or only on Facebook, complete all the most important information, add a profile picture, a background photo, it's time to take the next step.

Step two - Publication schedule.
So if a fanpage is already set up, with the name of your company / brand, data supplemented with main photos as well, it's time to decide what and when you will publish. You may not know it, but Facebook has its own rules for business. It doesn't work very well to be chaotic and irregular. Therefore, it is best if you prepare the topics and types of posts you will post a month in advance.

Importantly, depending on what you do, the types of these posts, or rather their proportions, will change. For example, when selling clothes, the majority of your publications should be product-related and include attractive, high-quality photos of the clothes you offer. This does not mean, however, that only such content should be on the board of your company fanpage. A good idea here will be to plan a few purely image-related posts a month - for example, presenting your mission, your work from the kitchen, the back of your store, its employees, etc.

Create an avatar of your ideal client.
Coming back to the topic, what to focus on when setting up your ad? First, you need to know who your customer is. Are they only people from your city, or maybe also from nearby towns, villages, etc.? Are they women or men? Or maybe both women and men? How old are your potential customers? What are they interested in? What are their needs, dreams and aspirations? What do they do every day? Where do they work? Do they have families or are they single? You have to answer these and many other questions.

Once you've created your client's avatar, you're ready to start designing your ad. Set your ideal target group in the Facebook Ads Manager: age, gender, place of residence - you can choose up to how many kilometers from where your company is located your customers can live. Then you define their interests, activities, activities. If, for example, you also sell clothes by mail order, you can create a group of people who have already made online clothing purchases. Such people are likely to be interested in your offer. Set your ad on fanpage likes based on your target group and do the same when promoting your publications.

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