Coworking office - advantages and disadvantages

Do you work from home, but you feel that you have trouble concentrating and are distracted by everything around you? Maybe it's time to rent your own coworking office? Before you decide to take this step, we will present all its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a coworking office?
This type of office is the place for representatives of free professions, such as copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, writers, translators, i.e. freelancers. It is also a good alternative to working from home, which has become particularly popular in recent years. So what does coworking offer? First of all, it is possible to rent a work desk by the hour, which is a cheap, modern and convenient solution. It can be an ideal alternative for all those who cannot afford to rent an entire office because they run very small businesses.

Hourly offices also offer many opportunities for those who work from home and sometimes need to use a room outside of it to conduct an important business interview, do a project, or meet colleagues. In coworking offices, we usually pay for real time worked or as part of a specific subscription. Over the past few years, their number in the world has quadrupled and now stands at over ten thousand offices.

What are the advantages of coworking?
We already know the concept of coworking, now let's look at its advantages.
Leaving home and collaborating with others

You can work as a freelancer anywhere, anywhere in the world, you only need to have access to the Internet. However, after some time of such freedom and working in the privacy of the home, some people begin to lack companionship and contact with other people. Also, working in an apartment, we quickly discover that it is very difficult for us to concentrate and focus on the work we do. There are many temptations at home that try to distract us from it, and neither children nor animals give us peace. Because of all this, we do the duties that should be done in a few hours, even for several days. In the office, we devote all our attention to work.

Cooperation is also the core and basis of coworking, because working in such a place, there is a good chance to meet people operating in the same industry. This may result in obtaining an additional job or a new job. The diversity of people, among whom we can find: translators, programmers, traders or representatives of other professions, can help us build a new team and create a joint project.

Cost optimization and additional services
Coworking is definitely a cheaper solution than renting your own office space. As we know, the prices of such premises, especially in the city center, can make you dizzy. Of course, for larger companies, this may not be a problem, but for smaller entrepreneurs, it may be an insurmountable barrier.

Therefore, by deciding on such a solution, we can save a lot of money and at the same time, according to our own needs, plan how many hours and on what days we will use the office. We are guaranteed one fixed fee, which includes everything necessary for our work. So it is not only a desk, armchair, unlimited internet access, office equipment, all utilities, but also other services. We can additionally use, for example, a conference room or a virtual office service, which consists in providing a coworking office for business registration. It will surely evoke more respect in the eyes of contractors than our house.

Flexibility and independence
The schedule according to which we will appear in the office should be determined by ourselves. Therefore, we can adjust the entire schedule of the day to our individual needs. We decide what times and when we will arrive at the office. It certainly gives a lot more independence, freedom and freedom, as in the case of a traditional office.

However, when using a coworking office, it is worth arranging your place of work so that you can also perform your professional duties at home. Here, you should definitely remember to choose the right, ergonomic and durable office furniture. Of course, it is no less important to find a suitable place for this, lighting and various other accessories conducive to effective work.

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