A few things you need to know before traveling by plane

Packing your suitcases is a real art
Each airline has its own size and weight requirements for hand and checked baggage. It is important not to exceed these values, because you have to pay dearly for excess baggage at the airport.
Most airlines, apart from hand luggage, also allow you to bring a second, smaller bag on board - it can be a women's handbag or a laptop bag. Pack your luggage so that you can easily take something out in case of inspection.
Checked baggage goes a long way before it is in your hands again. That is why it is so important that it does not have any protruding straps, zippers, pins, etc. If you attach a sleeping bag or a mat to the backpack, wrap it with stretch foil. You will be sure that no element is damaged or torn off.

Prepare for check-in
Not only your luggage will be checked at the airport. You also need to undergo a check-up. When it's your turn, take the basket next to the belt and put everything you have in your pockets in it, remove your jacket, sweatshirt, shawl, belt etc.
Your belongings will pass on the belt through the scanner, and you will pass through a special gate. The staff may ask you, for example, to remove your shoes if the gate "beeps".

The right outfit for the plane
Seems banal, but it's worth paying attention to your outfit. The longer the journey takes, the more you may feel the effects of inappropriate clothing.

The most important thing is comfort, make sure that nothing presses you while sitting for a long time. Even if you're traveling in the middle of summer, take socks and a sweatshirt on board. There is air conditioning in the plane, you will probably feel chilly.

You can take your food on board
It is not true that food cannot be taken on the plane. If you do not buy a meal on board, you can get hungry during the flight. Take small snacks or sandwiches on board - as long as they do not have too intense smell and do not crumble too much. The restriction is only for drinks. To avoid them, buy a drink in the departures hall, after you have passed the inspection.

Candies are not only for children
During take-off and landing, pressure changes create a feeling of clogged ears. If you also have a runny nose, it can be quite unpleasant. There are several ways to deal with this problem.
Try swallowing, chewing gum, or sucking on candy. This should ease symptoms. If you have a runny nose, use your nose drops half an hour before take-off and landing.
If your fear of flying causes stomach upset, get ready to travel - get some sleep before the flight, eat a light meal and try to find something that will allow you to focus your thoughts on something pleasant - be it a book, your favorite music or drawing.

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