How to reduce your appetite?

Are you wondering how to reduce your appetite? This question often comes up when you start losing weight, but you are always hungry on a new diet. What are the best ways to reduce your appetite?
Appetite cannot be confused with hunger, even though they are associated with each other. Hunger is meant to signal your body's need; it occurs when the nutrients are running out. Appetite, on the other hand, means that you have to eat something. It often shows up when you're not hungry at all. Wolf's appetite can effectively hinder and slow down the weight loss process and ruin the effects of training? How to reduce your appetite? Advise.

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How to reduce your appetite? - Appetite and hunger

Hunger, or craving, is a purely physiological feeling. It is produced in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, where the centers of voice and satiety are located. Hunger is controlled by a hormone called ghrelin. In turn, GLP1 affects the feeling of satiety.
When your body's concentration of nutrients (such as proteins or carbohydrates) is low, your hunger center alerts you that your body needs energy. When you fulfill this request from your body, the satiety center responds, informing you that there is enough food left.
The feeling of hunger occurs when the digestive system has enough enzymes to absorb, process and distribute new nutrients to the cells.
The previously mentioned hormone - ghrelin is very important in the whole process. His work disorders are one of the causes of the so-called morbid obesity. This hormone can activate the hunger signal continuously. Then the sick person constantly feels hungry and tries to satisfy it.

The most common reasons for unrestrained appetite are the unconscious need to suppress emotions (especially negative ones). This is why this type of appetite is called emotional hunger.
The reasons for unrestrained appetite may also be the fact that the food is at hand, you smell a treat or you are in company.
A common phenomenon is also the fact that the appetite for certain products is the result of a deficiency of a specific ingredient, e.g. potassium (which will manifest itself in the desire to eat a large amount of tomatoes).

How to curb your appetite? - Eating tricks

If you want to suppress your appetite, there are a few food tricks that can help. What?
Consuming products with a low glycemic index
Products with a low glycemic index (below 70) will make you feel saturated faster and for longer. Such products will be plums, almonds and strawberries.
Eating lots of vegetables
You should eat a lot of vegetables all year round. They can be prepared in various forms - boiled, steamed or in a soup or eaten raw.
Avoid artificial additives
If you want to curb your appetite, do not eat products that contain a large amount of artificial additives - preservatives, dyes, conditioners. They can make you hungry more often, which is what you want to avoid.
Replace sweets with fruit
If you want something sweet, choose fruit instead of chocolate. However, when you can't help but eat your favorite treat, try eating it, for example, 2-3 times a week.
Wait a while after eating
If you have just eaten dinner but feel you are still not full, try waiting 15 minutes or so before deciding to eat anything else. It will take that long for the brain to receive a signal that the stomach is full and no longer needs food.
Eat slowly
Try to eat slowly and chew each bite thoroughly. In addition, you can arrange small portions on the plate in such a way that they look hearty. You can add a lot of springy lettuce. Additionally, drink plenty of water between meals.