Signs of cheating - Guide

Marital or partner infidelity is one of the most common causes of relationship breakdown and divorce. This is one of the toughest crises in a relationship to endure. Partner's infidelity is not always easy to detect, as many people can hide it, even for a long time. Sometimes, however, something disturbing happens in a relationship and we start to see signs of betrayal, partners begin to drift apart, their relationships change, and when possible infidelity is involved, we begin to suspect that someone else has appeared.

Is our gut imaginary or does the partner really have something to hide?

It is known that betrayal always hurts and hardly anyone can forgive it, but it is better to know the truth than to live in ignorance and struggle with guesses.

If you happened to notice your partner's strange behavior in everyday situations, you need to know that they may have a deeper background. But don't get paranoid right away, it doesn't always mean cheating, it should be based on an honest conversation.

If, despite the conversation, arguments do not appeal to you, and your intuition tells you that something is wrong in the relationship, you need to increase your vigilance and take a closer look at your partner's behavior.

Behavior and symptoms of betrayal that may indicate that your partner is cheating on us:
1. Your partner has changed his attitude towards you
Both coldness and over-concern should cause anxiety.
A person close to you has stopped trying for your relationship, is not interested in you or your affairs, criticizes your behavior and appearance. In addition, he stopped saying that he loves you and that he cares about you.
It can also be disturbing when your partner, especially if they haven't done it before, starts giving you gifts, complements you and keeps saying nice things.

2. Excessive self-care
There is nothing wrong with having a partner take care of themselves, but if they haven't paid so much attention to their appearance before, and now they do it too much, it may be a clear signal that they want to please someone else. What should worry you: special attention to hygiene, using expensive perfumes, changing your hairstyle, joining a gym, changing your wardrobe, and even changing your image. These are disturbing symptoms that should sharpen your alertness.

3. Hiding your cell phone from you, changing your computer password
If you were able to use your partner's cell phone and computer freely and suddenly it changed, it may be a sign that your partner has something to hide. Your partner never goes anywhere without his phone, regularly cleans the history of calls, deletes SMSs, during phone calls, goes to another room, does not let you visit his computer, stays on Facebook for a longer time, tries not to let anyone look at him. the screen and not touching his phone, that is, he tries to hide what he was doing by all possible means.

4. Avoiding physical intimacy
When your partner no longer wants to have sex with you, you have serious reason to be concerned. Cheaters hardly ever sleep with two people at the same time. Avoiding intercourse can have many reasons, both health and psychological, but reluctance without any rational justification should always be a disturbing sign of betrayal, and in many cases it is because someone else has turned up.

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