Is it worth buying manga?

Do you watch anime? So far, you have only read manga scans on the Internet and are you considering buying paper books and short stories? See if it's worth it! There are many manga and anime fans in Poland. This is evidenced not only by the highly developed Facebook pages and groups, but also by the powerful publishing industry! If anyone wants to buy and read, companies must rise to the occasion and keep fans entertained. There comes a point in the life of almost every anime fan when they go back to the original. And he may be shocked - not only when it comes to the lines and character of the characters. Because how do you even read it ?!

You will learn the fate of the heroes faster!
You have to wait even several years for the next anime season. These few years you miss the heroes, but you do not know their fate. Reading manga or light novels allows you to stay ahead of the anime. You know what will happen, you can check against the original. And when a friend upsets you - shoot him with a spoiler!

You don't have to worry that manga scans will disappear from the internet
On the internet we can find manga scans translated into Polish by fans. They appear fairly quickly, you can read them for free without leaving your home. However, one day the publisher will buy the rights to this title. Then the online translation will disappear, and you will have to read the manga in Polish on paper or look for English scans from the very beginning. Such a trick was recently made by the Waneko publishing house to fans of Boku no Hero Academia.

The entire collections look beautiful on the shelves
Imagine 73 volumes of Naruto on a shelf. If we put them on a nice shelf, it will be a real home decoration. The person visiting your room will not know that it is a "screaming boy comic". Instead, the WOW effect will be triggered and you will be counted among the people who like to read (see point one).

Old editions are skyrocketing
Recently, I heard an announcement that a girl would buy back a 90s manga edition. The price she proposed was around PLN 100. Not bad, right? Although fans do not want to part with their white crows too often, some people would certainly be tempted by the possibility of quick and easy earnings.

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