Everything you need to know about Alpha-GPC


  1. Why We Need Alpha GPC


In the last few years, people have started paying more attention to their bodies. The conversation around brain health has intensified significantly as the brain serves as the control centre for the entire body and any malfunctioning in the brain can lead to dire implications. Choline plays a crucial role in maintaining brain health and improving brain function. Thus, many dietary supplements now include compounds that provide choline to the body. One such compound is Alpha GPC.


  1. Do you know other name of Alpha-GPC?


Alpha-GPC, Alfa-GPC, Alpha Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline, Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphatidylcholine, Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, Choline alphoscerate, Glycerophosphorylcholine, Glycérophosphorylcholine, GPC, GroPCho, L-A-Glyceryl Phosphorylcholine, L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine.


  1. Do you know ALPHA-GPC?


Alpha-GPC is a chemical released when a fatty acid found in soy and other plants breaks down. It is used as medicine.


In Europe alpha-GPC is a prescription medication for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It is available in two forms; one is taken by mouth, and the other is given as a shot. In the United States alpha-GPC is only available as a dietary supplement, mostly in products promoted to improve memory.


Other uses for alpha-GPC include treatment of various kinds of dementia, stroke, and “mini-stroke” (transient ischemic attack, TIA). Alpha-GPC is also used for improving memory, thinking skills, and learning.


  1. Do you know how Alpha-GPC work?


Alpha-GPC metabolizes into choline and glycerophosphate primarily within the GI tract and brain. Choline is a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh), which has been shown to support a host of cognitive functions including memory formation and recall, learning ability, and concentration/focus. The other byproduct of alpha-GPC is glycerophosphate, which supports several non-nootropic processes including healthy cell membrane integrity, and healthy bone strength and resilience.



  1. Do you know how long it takes for Alpha GPC to work?


  1. GPC is effective at increasing lower body force production after 6 days of supplementation. Sport performance coaches can consider adding A-GPC to the diet of speed and power athletes to enhance muscle performance.


  1. Is Alpha-GPC safe?


Alpha GPC is a safe, well-tolerated, and highly effective source of choline. It has been the subject of decades of research and is recognized worldwide as a powerful memory enhancer, prescribed by physicians throughout Europe for a variety of memory disorders.


In addition to being a potent nootropic in its right, Alpha GPC is also a perfect addition to many other supplements, particularly those like the racetams which depend on a sufficiency of choline in order to achieve optimal results.


It also stimulates the production of HGH, which can improve strength, and shorten recovery time following exertion, and encourage the building of lean muscle mass, making it an invaluable supplement for athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle.

For anyone who is interested in improving their memory, physical strength and vitality, or achieving the best results possible with nootropic supplements, Alpha GPC is an excellent choice.


Few studies have reported on the potential side effects of alpha-GPC. One study suggested it may be associated with mild side effects such as constipation and nervousness. Other potential side effects include heartburn, headache, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash, and confusion. Although alpha-GPC is a supplement, no large, long-term studies have examined alpha-GPC’s safety.

The only reported drug interaction for alpha-GPC is scopolamine, a drug used for motion sickness



  1. Can you take Alpha GPC every day?


When taken at recommended dosages Alpha GPC is well tolerated. For most adults the range of acceptable dosage is relatively broad; a cumulative daily dosage of 300-1200 mg, when taken in one or two doses, is safe and efficient.



  1. Do you know the Side Effects of Alpha GPC


Although, Alpha GPC is both safe and well tolerated in healthy adults,  side effects have been reported.

Users have occasionally experienced headaches, fatigue, nervousness, nausea, diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress; also, this supplement can result in dizziness and low blood pressure in some individuals.

If you know, you are prone to hypotension you should consult a medical professional before taking Alpha GPC.

Adverse side effects may occur more commonly among users taking high dosages.

Little research has been done on Alpha GPC’s effects on pregnant women, so those who are pregnant or nursing are advised to refrain from use.


  1. Conclusion


For anyone who is interested in improving their memory, physical strength and vitality, or achieving the best results possible with nootropic supplements, Alpha GPC is an excellent choice.


Where Should I Buy Alpha-GPC Powder in Bulk?


With people becoming more and more aware of the benefits of alpha GPC, the demand for Nootropic Supplement of Alpha GPC has increased greatly in the market. This has led to manufacturing companies vying with each other to produce high-quality supplements to grab share in the market. If you are a health supplements manufacturer planning to foray into the alpha GPC supplements market, you must ensure that you are getting the highest-quality alpha GPC powder. Sourcing good-quality material is the first step in ensuring the success of any business.


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