Boost your libido. Natural remedies for sex drive

She wants and you don't? And although in life you break through even the greatest obstacles by taking up professional challenges, you just don't feel like bed? Or maybe it is the other way around and the partner refuses sexual pleasure? Learn about natural ways to increase your libido.
Is libido a civilization disease? According to research, more than 30% of women and about 15% of men no longer want to have regular sex. Hypolibidemia is one of the most common sexual disorders. How to deal with it?

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Re-awaken passion.

No, do not fall into routine and give up TV shows in front of the TV screen. Take your loved one to a romantic dinner, to the cinema or to a concert. Make her feel loved and appreciated. It is about awakening the spark of passion.

Serve yourselves natural aphrodisiacs.

Every day we can eat a variety of foods, and we do not even realize that some of them can positively affect our sex life. And so, chocolate, almonds, bananas and strawberries are products that increase our desire for sex.

The atmosphere at home

If you have already been alone in the "four corners", it is worth creating the right atmosphere. Scented candles, appropriate music, sexy lingerie can work wonders.

Celery for sex. 

Celery is a fantastic sexual stimulant. This is because celery is high in androsterone, the odorless hormone secreted by men along with the sweat that most women ignite.

Add sex to your daily schedule.

Yes, this type of recommendation comes from the mouths of sexologists during the first meetings with patients who complain of low libido. Well, if we are planning a visit to the hairdresser, a weekend trip and a larger purchase, why - at least at the beginning - we can not schedule sex for the evening?

Shared passion - bicycle, running, gym

There are plenty of examples, but as Dr. Millheiser says, it's just about doing a lot of things together. This can strengthen your emotional relationship and the feeling of boost in the form of sports training will be enhanced by a greater desire for yourself, she admits. Moreover, research shows that couples of this type had a greater sense of satisfaction in being in a relationship.