Smoking marijuana - symptoms, effects, effects

Marijuana is one of the drugs most often used by people of all ages. It improves the mood because it sharpens the senses. The feelings and sensations after using marijuana are very strong. This is caused by a psychoactive substance called THC. Marijuana is produced after the flowers of the cannabis plant and seeds are dried. Smoking marijuana is both stimulating and calming. The person who uses it feels euphoric. Marijuana also relieves pain, but can also increase appetite, relax the muscles and dilate the bronchi.

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What are the symptoms of smoking marijuana?

Smoking marijuana has many negative effects on the human body. The use of this drug can manifest itself with sudden, unexpected changes in mood. There may also be impaired concentration as well as memory gaps.
When you smoke marijuana, headaches, dizziness, and dry mouth are also beneficial.
A marijuana smoker may also experience sudden hunger pangs and a fast heart rate.
If parents or guardians want to recognize whether their charge is under the influence of the drug, they can judge it on the basis of the charge's motor coordination disorders. He will also have bloodshot eyes.
Smoking marijuana also makes you sweat more. These symptoms may persist for about 3 hours after smoking marijuana.

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How does smoking marijuana affect the human body?

Smoking cannabis can make you feel and feel differently. A man thinks he can fly and cannot accurately judge time. Sometimes there are hallucinations and sensory disturbances.
Smoking marijuana makes you euphoric, raises self-esteem, gives courage, but also causes a lack of brakes and a decrease in self-control. The senses are also sharpened.
After smoking marijuana, a person may have a tendency to talk constantly, laugh out loud for no reason, and may suddenly cry. She is often sleepy and too calm.
The substance found in marijuana also affects memory, disturbs concentration and motor coordination. The response to stimuli when smoking marijuana is slow. There is also disturbed smoothness of movements and weakening of muscle strength.

What are the effects of smoking marijuana?

Smoking cannabis is considered a good way to socialize and party successfully. However, having fun is only in the beginning. The after-effects of drug use can have serious consequences. Cannabis is mentally addictive.
If you smoke cannabis regularly later in life, even a small dose can have negative effects. There are sleep disorders, but also lack of will to live and apathy.
Addiction to smoking marijuana may also manifest itself as a reluctance to interact with others. A person stops thinking logically and has problems with memory, which makes it difficult to gain knowledge.
Instead, there are delusions, the perception of phenomena that do not actually take place, as well as irrational behaviors that are difficult to explain logically.