What is the autophagy process? Explains the nutritionist

In 2016, prof. Yoshinori Ōsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for developing the mechanism of autophagy. It is a natural process that takes place in the body of each of us. It consists in self-eating damaged or dead cells. This is a major simplification of a complicated mechanism.
Jakub Mauricz was a guest in Łukasz Jakóbiak's popular studio apartment. One of the topics discussed during the conversation was the phenomenon of autophagy. The dietitian explained what this concept means. "Fasting is one way to reset your immune system," he said. The dietitian told what they can help and why it is not such a popular method. - Everything is bullshit until it turns out to be right - commented the expert.

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Autophagy and diabetes

Research published in Experimental Physiology shows that speeding up one of the body's waste disposal systems, called autophagy, helps heal blood vessels in people with diabetes. Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning up damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. Impaired autophagy has been reported to be involved in type 2 diabetes, but researchers weren't sure why. This study, conducted by scientists at Yonsei University College of Medicine, was the first to demonstrate the protective role of autophagy stimulation in vascular dysfunction of type 2 diabetes. Researchers used mice with similar characteristics to human type 2 diabetes and measured the diameter of small arteries, indicating this how healthy your arteries are.


In recent years, we can observe an "avalanche" of publications appearing successively on the biological causes of aging and ways to slow down this process. The main goal of many scientists is to discover a compound or mechanism that inhibits the aging process of the body. It sounds fantastic and probably for many more years mankind will have to wait for the miraculous "elixir of youth". However, today, you can make our body age slower. According to numerous scientific reports, the mere change of eating habits and the inclusion of products rich in certain compounds can help us maintain our youthful appearance. If you want to learn more about it, we encourage you to read the entire article in which you will learn about the ingredients in your diet you must not forget to enjoy a young and healthy body


One of the most popular anti-aging strategies is the use of hormones (estrogen and progesterone by women, testosterone by men) as the body produces less and less with age. Unfortunately, the discussed analysis shows that, as in the case of the substances described earlier, also in the case of hormones, scientific research does not clearly confirm their effectiveness. What's worse, they often show their harmful (undesirable) effect on the body (increased risk of developing some dangerous diseases).
“There is a lack of data to support routine testosterone supplementation in healthy elderly men. There is no scientific evidence that testosterone treatment in healthy men helps them age healthier, 'the study reads.
Hormones available on the market are the most common drugs, so like any other drug, they have proven side effects that may or may not occur. The doctor prescribing the drug first analyzes the potential benefits and potential losses for the patient. That is why you cannot reach for hormones on your own by buying them on the black market - it may happen that you buy a counterfeit drug containing clearly harmful substances.
Another hormone discussed in this analysis is dehydroepiandrosterone (more commonly known as DHEA), which is formed from cholesterol in the adrenal cortex and is then converted into testosterone and estrogens.
Interval training delays aging
The authors of the analysis emphasize that there are many preparations containing DHEA on the market that are advertised as adding energy, strength, improving immunity, libido, increasing muscle mass or reducing the proportion of fat in body mass, although there is still no convincing scientific evidence confirming that DHEA supplementation allows you to obtain any of the above-mentioned effects. Researchers still do not know the effects of long-term (over a year) use of DHEA preparations, which may turn out to be harmful, for example, to the liver.
"Until the results of well-planned and rigorously conducted research are obtained, it should be remembered that the effects of DHEA supplementation have not been fully established and it may turn out that doing so brings more harm than benefits," the analysis reads.