Good mood, good looks and good health - about autophagy

We know the recommendations of folk medicine about the use of fasting to cleanse the body. Now this is also confirmed by academic medicine. Autophagy - this is the mechanism by which the body recycles waste, toxins, and damaged cell components. A groundbreaking study at the University of Southern California found that a 3-day fast regenerates the entire immune system (study participants fasted every 2-4 days for a period of 6 months).
Professor Longo of the University of Southern California explains:
"When you starve, the body tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to conserve energy is recycling a lot of immune cells that aren't needed - especially those that may have been damaged."
On the basis of these studies, conclusions were drawn that a cyclic 72-hour fast with a nutritious diet every day can be an effective method for regenerating the immune system.

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What is autophagy

Autophagy, also known as autophagocytosis (Greek: autós-sam), is a catabolic process consisting in the controlled breakdown by the cell of chemical molecules, cell fragments and cell organelles.
What does that actually mean?
It is a natural method of getting rid of any waste material by the body.
Literally translated, we will call this process "self-eating". The cell digests damaged or dead elements of its structure.
Autophagy processes are divided into three groups:
→ chaperone dependent autophagy
→ microautophagy
→ macroautophagy
From the human point of view, macroautophagy is the most important and it was the first of the above-mentioned groups to be noticed by a Belgian physician, cytologist, Nobel Prize winner in the field of physiology or medicine - Christian de Duve.

Nobel Prize for research into autophagy

In 2016, in the field of medicine and physiology, the Japanese cell biologist associated with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yoshinori Ōsumi, was awarded the Nobel Prize. The discovery of the Japanese helps to understand how the cell's "self-cleaning" process takes place. How the Nobel Committee justified its decision:
 "Yoshinori Ohsumi's discoveries have led to a new paradigm in understanding how cells recycle their contents"
Disorders in the process of autophagy are associated with many diseases, incl. type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, heart muscle disease and even cancer. Proper use of such a disorder can lead to the self-destruction of the neoplastic cell. autophagy festival vibes
“Unnecessary waste is enveloped in a membrane to form a pouch-like vesicle (autophagosome) that is transported from the 'waste treatment plant', the lysosome. The autophagosome fuses with the lysosome and its contents are broken down into simpler components. The cell uses the obtained "secondary raw materials" as a building material and / or fuel. ”2
Yoshinori Ōsumi conducted a series of experiments on baker's yeast, on the basis of which he explained the processes occurring during the autophagy phenomenon. Then he proved that such processes also take place in the human body.

How to stimulate autophagy in the body?

The main ways in which autophagy can be induced in the human body are through exercise and fasting / healing fast.
The former has to do with microtrauma during exercise - this is when autophagy appears as a response to the body's call to start regenerative processes. So far, no precise guidelines have been developed to suggest how long the training should last or what exercises are conducive to the emergence of autophagy, but it is assumed that intensive training is more effective, and the optimal duration of exercise is 150 to 450 minutes per week.

Hunger for health

The autophagy process is also stimulated by an increase in the level of the hormone glucagon. The rise and fall of glucagon is closely related to insulin levels. When insulin levels rise - glucagon levels fall, it works both ways. When we eat a meal - the insulin level rises, when we fast - it decreases, similarly - it decreases and the level of glucagon increases. Given this state of affairs, it can be concluded that fasting is the most effective known trigger of autophagy.

Sirtuins, or the elixir of longevity

Regular fasting activates sirtuins - proteins responsible for longevity and a slim figure.
Bioactive compounds - polyphenols, which are abundant in fruits and vegetables, also have the ability to activate sirtuins. This further enhances their beneficial effects.sirtuiny diet sirt post Festival Vibrations
Another, perhaps easier, way to trigger this process in the body is called The "eating window" (Intermittent fasting). The most common way to follow this diet is a 16-hour fasting period, followed by an 8-hour eating window during which you can eat (but should be around noon). Sometimes such a diet is also used in the variant of the 20-hour fast and the 4-hour metabolic window, and in the variant of the 24-hour fast and the window of the same time. The latter method is known as "ADF diet" (alternate-day-fasting).